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site: the end.
webmistress: Kaery
since: 01.06.01
html written on: tripod freeform editor (!!!)
artwork: paint
other info: this site, the end, is named after a move that selphie can do during her limit break. (cool, no?) i started ffviii around january 3, 2001, and no i haven't finished the game yet!! (only on my second disc... -_-') believe it or not, i'm currently teaching myself html... as you could tell, i have all these crap programs to work with, since my computer sucks a bit. don't worry, though! after getting some good stuff to use (after begging and totally sucking up to my parents...), this site would (hopefully) look much better than it does now! ^_^

site ideas, design, and content are copyright © 2001 by Kaery unless otherwise specified. this site is not associated with square. selphie and all ffviii characters are copyrighted to square. plus, there is no money being made off of this site.