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have you ever wished for selphie's clever words to guard your website? (here are people who do! ^^) if you would like to adopt a selphie quote, please upload the image to your server, choose one of selphie's quotes to go with it, send in your form, and you're all set! but in order for me to put you up on the member list, you must follow these rules:

1. you must have a webpage
2. you like/don't hate selphie
3. you have the code up

own server peoplez! that means no direct linking! save the image as "quote.jpg" and change "---QUOTE---" to a quote of selphie's that you would like to have on your site.

it should look something like this:


after you've done that, email me your information telling me your name, your site name, your site url, and the selphie quote that you chose. if you get an email back from me within one week, you'll know that you're a member! ^^