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: affiliates :

i don't accept any affiliates anymore, sorry. i have eight wonderful ones and that's definitely enough! please give each of the already existing ones a visit! ^.^

quad mist  my very first affiliate!! a very nice shrine for terrific tifa, radiant rinoa, glorious garnet, and y... and yuna! zealous  great site dedicated to the kewlest male character of all time... zell! (don't hurt me... ^_~') breath of the earth  my first ffvii affiliate... a peaceful aeris shrine! water goddess  a ffx shrine for yuna the water summoner! leonhart  yay! finally, a shrine dedicated to the lion! (his ring's so cool too...) tidal waters  a wonderful tidus shrine with a beautiful layout! courage  a wonderful zidane shrine with a great webmistress! ^^ crescent wish  one just can't get enough of selphie! ^^