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: biography :

selphie had once to lived in edea's orphanage along with squall, seifer, quistis, zell, and irvine. she was close friends with irvine, and was, even then, happy and cheerful. when she was 12, she had obtained a guardian force while she was on an outdoor training session and had junctioned it for a while, but doesn't remember the name of it because of the side effects in junctioning a gf.

in the game (aka the "present"), selphie left trabia garden and transferred to balamb garden because the field exams to become a seed take place at balamb garden and seeds are stationed there. as a seed she goes on missions with squall, quistis, zell, rinoa, and irvine.

what would happen to selphie in the future? well, she could become a pilot, a webmistress, an enthusiastic entertainer in an animal suit... well, maybe not that last one, but she is multi-talented, so just about anything could happen. it's obvious that she couldn't stay at balamb garden(there are rules that state that irregardless of your status, you're out of the garden when you reach the age of 20). maybe she'd get together with irvine (or someone else...), but selphie would most probably remain optimistic and high-spirited.