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: cliques :

see all the cliques i'm a part of? i'm kinda addicted to them, but i actually relate to them, so... yeah! ^_^
in-waiting joined support groups

waiting to be on member list for...

+: i support the end :+

already a member of...

|| gfc | webmistress ||

guardian carbuncle

final fantasy + internet = big fun

limit break the end

pure magic ice tears

i dream of trabia

voice of ff eyes on me

gaming goddess // kaery

squall's griever is mine!!

.:weapons.monthly selphie's nunchaku

ff relic angel ring

balamb garden festival committee

i support...

f . f . f :||: rinoa heartilly

ellone supporter : kaery

fuujin posse

member of // YIELD

i support the vivi protection society

i like eiko

brave like beatrix

# yeehaw! #

=marine: support yuna=

i'm a messenger

garden festival committee

thanks for saving my butt!