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: conversations :

irvine: selphie...we're destined to be together!
selphie: y-yeah right!
irvine: a sigh of love?
selphie: n-no! (my heart's pounding...what is this i'm feeling?)

squall: so this is zell's room?
zell: don't go around touching everything ok!? i like to keep things clean...
selphie: whoo-hoo! plops onto bed
zell: yo! i just finished sayin' not to touch anything! and now you're on my bed!
selphie: well, fine then! i didn't think you were so... anal. you should feel honored that a very, very cute girl sat on your bed, you know! he should thank ME! right, squall?
squall: no, you're annoying him.
zell: yeah, stop annoying me.
selphie: so are you saying i'm an annoying person? that's it. squall and zell, you're both going down a rank.
zell: WHAT!? you you're kidding right!?

young selphie: irvine, wanna play?
young irvine: sefie, watcha playin'!?
young selphie: WAR!!