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: faq :

plleeaassee read before contacting me... i mean it!

can i give you a suggestion of that could be put onto your site?
please submit in your ideas to make this site better! i would love to hear your opinion (negative or positive), and your ideas are always welcome. ^.^ if you email me your idea, it's not guaranteed to be on my site (absolutely no hentai!) but i would most likely give it some thought!

can i submit my article/fanart/fanfics/train song score/wallpaper/icq skin/video clip/information/whatever in?
yes yes YES!!! please do! this site needs more interaction and stuff... it's what makes a shrine really interesting and definitely more complete. just make sure whatever you're sending is appropriate... there are lil kids online, ya know! ^.^ oh, and new information is always welcome, as long as you have the proof too. ^.~' i don't wanna give off false info, if you know whati mean.

can i use your information?
that's why i typed/created all of this... for you to use! but please no direct linking or copying unless with permission, and just because you asked it doesn't mean that i have to say yes!

can i use your text/writing?
ask me first!! if it's the article on the garden festivals or anything else i did research on i probably won't let you (write it up yourself!!), but if it's an article i probably would, if you gimme credit. ^.^

can i use your pictures?
it depends on which ones they are. most of my pictures were taken from other sites, so go and look around that particular site and see if it's ok for you to take yourself.

can i use the fanfics/fanart?
for the fanart and fanfiction by other people, don't ask me! i'm not the one who drew/wrote it! so if you would like to use those, please ask for their permission, not mine. if it's mine... just ask!

can i link you?
yes, please, go on ahead! this site is link-free! and thank you! ^.^

will you link me?
sign my gbook and i'll see what i can do. (basically, if i really like it...) but i'd be more than happy to trade links with just about anyone (except for sites that contain unmarked or hardcore or flashing hentai, etc.)!!

would you affiliate with me?
nope... i already have eight great affiliates and that is already more than i had planned on getting. sorry...