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: garden festival :

the garden festival is a celebration both balamb and trabia garden have annually. it is a rather big event, so garden students group together into committees to plan for the festival.

balamb garden festival
in balamb garden, nobody really cared for the festival. i think this may be because a lot of the students were training to become seeds, so many of them didn't have time to work and prepare for it.
a person named wimbly donner was the original chair for the balamb garden festival. he had spent all his time planning for it, so he didn't train to become a seed. he was forced to leave balamb garden before graduating. (there are rules in balamb garden that a person is only allowed to become a seed cadet if he or she is 17-19 years old, and everyone must leave the garden by the age of 20, whatever his or her status may be.) there was nobody that had volunteered to become a part of the committee, so when selphie came along, she joined and made herself chair. (not that there was anyone who disagreed, of course... ^^')
as the chair, selphie made "full use" of the garden festival page, not to mention added quite a bit of her own extra stuff as well. (again, no one went against that idea.) she went around asking everyone if they would like to join, and acted like how the chair of the committee should act. (not saying that wimbly wasn't doing his job, since what he did was unknown.)

trabia garden festival
in trabia garden, the student were much more involved with their festival. you could tell because when selphie first went to balamb, she was really excited to join and was surprised to find herself the first and only person who did. when you visit trabia garden after it was destroyed, you could see some students working hard in fixing the stage and such for the trabia garden festival. this maybe because trabia doesn't train seed cadets, so they have more time to prepare for the festival.