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wanna join the garden festival committee? (oh, lemme rephrase that. will you pleeeasssseee join the garden festival committee? -_~') it's a selphie support group that i had created! please remember to following the rules, and that you must tell me your information!


1. have a webpage
2. like selphie
3. put the code up


own server peoplez! that means no direct linking!! and change "---IMAGE---" to what you name the button!!

by selphi ^.^ by selphi ^.^

text link

change "---URL---" to your URL and "---EMAIL---" to your email address! also, you can change the colons to whatever you want.

garden festival committee

g f c

after you've done that, email me telling me your name, your site name, and your site url. if you get an email back from me within one week, you'll know that you're a member!

thanks for supporting selphie! ^.^