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: other sites :

here are some sites that i especially like. please please please do not email me telling me that you would like to be on the list unless you would like to trade links. there are reasons why i linked these sites too (find them by looking at the title tags), so if you wanna be on this list... then do a couple of the following and you may get onto the list! well... booyaka!! ^_^

: ffvii :
ruby eyes tifa lockhart
materia girl yuffie kisaragi
[ fierce ] red xiii

: ffviii :
rebelling princess rinoa heartilly
angel heart rinoa heartilly
shockwave pulsar quistis trepe
no mercy seifer almasy

: ffix :
royalty garnet til alexandros xvii
¤ chibi eiko ¤ eiko callor
pride freya crescent
path of the gourmand quina quen
# superslick # ruby

: ffx :
y-u-n-a yuna

: general/misc ff :
guardians summons, espers, guardians