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: merchandise :

here's some selphie merchandise. i don't tell you the price here, mainly because it'll change and i don't want to update it too often ^_^'. the actual merchandise may be (much) better than these images! all of this selphie merchandise could be found at ebay, express, and final fantasy merchandise sites. enjoy!

extra soldier action figure 2 bandai
this action figure is 6" tall and detailed. selphie's left hand looks kinda weird, but this toy is still pretty cool. it's made from bandai.

rare foil card carddass masters bandai ccg official card game
this is already out-of-print! and um... it's shiny too... i can't comment too much on this because i don't play the game...

vinyl statue kotobukiya
this vinyl statue is 12" in height and comes from a C10 box. it also has a limited card number and it's painted by kotobukiya.

coca-cola figure coca-cola
this selphie toy is sooo kewt! it's SD (super deformed), and it's just the best. i would like to get one of these myself. ^_^

selphie triple triad foil card ?
this foil selphie tilmitt card is g-103 and lv-10. the numbers (starting from the top and going clockwise) are: a, 8, 6, 4. (that is how you say it, right?)

keychain ?
this selphie keychain is kinda twisted, but still kinda kewt. it's 3.3" in height.

statuette ?
this comes with selphie's nunchaku, a stand, and it has pose-able arms. all together, it is 5" tall. i think that this doesn't like like the best selphie toy around, but your opinion's not mine, so... ^_^' (obviously i still haven't gotten over the coca-cola figure...)

statuette ?
this statuette is made of vinyl and 15" tall! selphie looks kinda weird in this pic, but it's just probably the pic. ^_^'