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: outfit :

please do not copy anything from here. actually, you're not supposed to copy anything off this site anyway... it's just that i don't want you to copy anything especially from here. thanks for your cooperation! (if you do cooperate, i mean... which you should...)

: selphie :

selphie has brownish-reddish hair that usually hides her ears. the ends curl up so that her hair is chin-length. you can see that it is kind of split into a couple of sections. her bangs are a bit curled in and uneven.

selphie has fair, light skin. her eyes are emerald and she's often seen smiling.

: outfits :

in this costume, selphie wears a striped, mustard colored dress that ends above mid-thigh. it has a zipper in the front and hangs from two triangular buckles that are attached to two straps. here's a pic. there's also two pockets on the lowerback of the dress and a white label on the upperback. pic. selphie wears a baggy pair of dark brown almost-mid-calf boots. on her left wrist is a ribbon, and a necklace hangs from her neck.

balamb uni
selphie's balamb garden uniform is dark blue. it consists of a collared top, a skirt, and boots. the top has a collar and a big yellow ribbon on it, as well as a zipper in the middle. the sleeves are long and with a white border. the skirt is short, also with a zipper in the middle. Her boots are black and fitting (unlike the boots that are a part of her normal outfit).

seed uni
coming soon!