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basic info
name: selphie tilmitt
age: 17
dob: july 16
hair: brown
eyes: green
height: 5' 1 1/2"
blood type: a
weapon: nunchaku
limit: slots
transferred from: trabia garden

official ffviii manual

a spunky young woman with a carefree spirit
selphie seems out of place in a military academy because of her innocent appearance and light-hearted personality. her happy-go-lucky desposition and laid-back attitude ten to catch others off guard.

my description

selphie is a happy, spirited girl who is optimistic and high-spirited. she is indeed lively, but that does not mean that she's a bubblehead! (how could she be a ditz if she passed the seed exam...?) she smart with technology: planes, trucks, missiles, computers. she can act childish, but she is proud enough to stick to her beliefs.