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: relations :

please do not be offended whatsoever by my comments. some/most of this is purely my perspective and what i think about it according to the facts.

squall leonhart
selphie is the complete opposite of squall... while selphie is loud and enthusiastic, squall is more reserved and is somewhat of a loner. (anti-social...?) they stick up for each other often and squall tends to withstand selphie's impatience a bit more than others. they do look out for each other though, proven in selphie's diary.

seifer almasy
i think that selphie likes seifer okay to not okay, but seifer thinks selphie not okay. know what i mean? -_~' seifer thought selphie only as the "messenger girl" and stuff, but selphie thought him as the group leader and everything. she even said so in her diary!

rinoa heartilly
selphie and rinoa are both spirited and lively. they tease each other, but they do look our for each other. so seem to be pretty good friends, too.

quistis trepe
selphie looks up to this instructor, proven on her website. so, these two get along well.

zell dincht
i'm not a zelphie shipper, but i guess romance can be a possiblity. i dunno... they don't really interact too much, and they kinda annoy/nag each other. (don't get me wrong! zell's actually my fave ffviii male character; it's just that i don't think that he'll get together with selphie...) example:

Selphie:"Wow, this lift is pretty cool!"
Zell:"Don't get too excited, or you'll fall!"
Selphie:"Like I'm really going to!"

irvine kinneas
selphie's romantic interest... here's one (of the many) quotes to prove:

Irvine: Selphie... we're destined to be together!
Selphie: Y-yeah right!
Irvine: A sigh of love?
Selphie: N-no!
Selphie: (My heart's pounding...what is this I'm feeling?)

"sir" laguna loire
selphie has a crush on him, and calls him "sir" laguna loire! she even has a website dedicated to him! and throughout the game she keeps adding comments like "laguna's pretty cute!" and such.