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: resemblance :

here's a gallery of characters who resemble selphie! if you know any more people, please send me the character, where (s)he's from, a pic, and why. thanks!

yuffie kisaragi final fantasy vii
selphie and yuffie both have brown hair, have the same bloodtype (a), are almost the same height (selphie's 5' 1 1/2", yuffie's 5' 2"), and are almost the same age (selphie's 17, yuffie's 16). ^.~' okay, that's a lot of "almost"s, but they're both very high-spirited and happy teenage girls.

rinoa heartilly final fantasy viii
they're both very high-spirited, and can act a bit... eh. (okay, they can both get a bit annoying...) however, rinoa doesn't act as "childish" or as "young" as selphie does. also, they both don't give up very easily. rinoa believes that she could do some brave things even though she's not a seed, and selphie believes that the garden festival can still be a success. they are both very happy but determined people in ffviii.

garnet til alexandros xvii final fantasy ix
don't scream at me yet! ^.~' i just wanted to note that both of their love interests are kind of a lady's man type of guy.

yuna final fantasy x
well... both selphie and yuna are 17 years old. ^.^' their hairstyles seem pretty similar... they both have kind of unruly brown hair. if you saw ffx's intro fmv, you would've seen that yuna dances around pretty happily with her staff (or whatever it was). that kind of hints that yuna's personality is pretty carefree, i guess.

ling xiaoyu tekken 3, tag
selphie and ling are almost the same height (selphie's 5' 1 1/2", ling's 5' 2"), and are almost the same age (selphie's 17, ling's 16). wow, yuffie and ling seem more alike than selphie and ling do... but again, they're both really high-spirited and can act somewhat childish. they both never give up, like when selphie continues believing in the garden festival committee and how ling doesn't give up in showing the world her fighting skills despite her age.