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: stances :

not many people have this section, i don't think. i thought of it myself! (well, i did!) so if you have this section too maybe it's just a coincidence. anyway, please don't copy any of this... i worked pretty hard on it. so away we go!!

window reaction 1 2
when squall (or whoever you're controlling) is able to walk around to talk to members of the crew and there is an opening (usually a window), selphie would stand and kind of bounce in front of it, with both hands against it. she would be kind of leaning forward, peering out, and when you talk to her sometimes she would turn her head slightly and talk. an example is when you get on trains.

winning stance 1 2 3
whenever you win a battle, selphie pumps her arm that's holding her weapon into the air, then does the other arm, lifts her left leg a little while doing it, and then kinda taps the nunchaku onto her shoulder.

when selphie uses magic, she holds her nunchaku so that it forms a Z shape. she tilts her head, raises her left leg, and smiles as the magic casts.

boot touch
i dunno why, but selphie often touches both her boots. are they dirty? are the buckles unbuckled? hmm....

excited (1)
whenever selphie's excited or saying something with a lot of emotion, she often make her hands form into two fists and stick them in front of her... it's hard to explain, but that's what she does...

excited (2)
in other times when selphie's excited, she does gets all jumpy and opens her arms real wide like she's about to hug someone.

excited (3)
another thing that selphie sometimes does when she's excited is pump her right arm into the air, often adding a little jump to it as well.