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: thanks :

everyone has somebody to thank, right? well here's my thanks page. thanks for everyone's support!! ^_^

stew, "the mer", dora - my siblings, for always being the first to sign my book, and the first to give me feedback and support!

matthew - my cousin was the one who introduced me to building websites... thank you! ^_^

john & ali - this is my first site that i had ever gotten really excited about, and they withstood all my blabbering, etc. about it... without them and their support, i wouldn't have been as determined to make this site... out of all my friends, they were the most understanding. thank you!!

my affiliates - my affiliates are really nice and really helped me believe that i could actually make a site that's around decent...!! also, all of them helped me go through the time when my site was down. you all are all such the best!!

sheila - thanks to for letting me use the picture on the layout! ^_^

selphi - gave me many ideas and buttons as well as support... check out her pretty selphie shrine too! thanks selphi!

anyone that gave me feedback - again, this is my first official site, and i really appreciate whoever gave me feedback!!

anime web turnpike - for the links to other sites that gave me free inspiration while i was still building the site, and now, many of my hits!

my visitors - of course, you! if you weren't here reading this, why the heck would i be making this site in the first place? thank you! ^_^