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are you having problems navigating? then use this site map! (if you aren't having problems navigating, you can use this directory anyway, so... just... whatever.. ^_^')

profile- selphie's profile
biography- description of selphie's whole life
images- pics of selphie
quotes- selphie-related quotes
info- selphie in the game
relations- selphie's relations to other characters
resemblance- selphie look-alikes
stances- selphie's reactions
outfit- selphie's physical description
help- selphie game help
extra- extra selphie info

quizzes- test yourself... you know you wanna...
polls- how many other people agree with you?
fanart- your drawings!
fanfics- your fics!
train song- what's the tune to selphie's train song?

news- news on videogames, etc. relating to selphie
movies- selphie fmv movies/in-game clips
music- selphie-related music
desktop- selphie-related desktop things
merchandise- selphie merchandise!!

about- about this site
why- why i made a selphie shrine
me- about me
affiliates- my affiliates. sorry, i don't accept anymore.
voting- if you like my site, you can vote for me here
adopted- my adoptees!
awards- awards this site has won ^_^
cliques- cliques, support groups, etc.
webrings- well, webrings. ^_^
linking- links and linking me
faq- read before you email me and terms of use
contact- drop me a line

articles- aka ramblings ^_~'
garden festival- more about the garden festivals
graphics- selphie graphics for you to use
adopt- adopt selphie and her quotes
committee- selphie support group
thanks!- thanks for your support!


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